What is the cell like at the custody suite?

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Well it is, an ensuite. You get your own private toilet. In the modern complexes built from the year 2002+ they usually have integrated ventilation systems. Electronic locks, 24/7 CCTV, a concierge, a hot meal, a hot drink, the hot chocolate is nice. Sometimes the microwaved meal is difficult to open, ask the attendant nicely and they will open it for you. You cannot smoke or use a vape, you may be allowed out into a enclosed courtyard if you’ve been in there for a while. You can also have a shower. Depending on the state you came in and the offense, this might be monitored or you may have to await till after you have been processed aka fingerprints and DNA.

If you are under 18, and this is your first time. It can be extremely scary, it is a very cold and sometimes noisy environment. If you are scared, it’s best to make them aware of your emotions. If your a child, your friends or peers or yourself might think you are on the spectrum, let your Appropriate Adult know, tell your social worker, inform them before it is too late.

As always, be polite. Remember they are not all poorly trained, give them a chance, but only one.

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