I’m going to prison, what to expect?

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Generally, every prison has its own set of governance. Saying that prisons are usually divided into wings. They each have their own set of rules surprisingly. It’s usually best to check with the officer in charge of the wing. Speak properly and they will generally offer you the same amount of respect. They are NOT police officers.

Some wings have chosen to promote a set of good behaving inmates be an Intermediary between you the officers.

Never tell people what you are in for is usually the best advice. Perhaps use a nickname whilst you are inside, especially if it’s a one-time mishap. One of the many flaws is there isn’t much information security. Leaks are common and your confidential information passing from the guards/officers to the inmates isn’t an unusual thing.

If you’re going in for a sexually related offence then they usually have a dedicated wing for that. However, in some cities, Brighton for example, at H.M.P Lewes, their sexual offence wing, F Wing, is actually merged with the vulnerable young person’s wing.

Some wings have security cameras, allot of them do not and some although they are there do not function.

Do not expect the guards/officers to trust you, they have been doing the job a long time, trust is earnt and especially hard to achieve.

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