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If you have Aspergers, Autism or you are on the spectrum, if the police arrested you from your home in cuffs. They are NOT your friend. They will try to befriend you and that is not mentally fair. They HAVE the option to call you in for an interview. However, if they suspect you hold vital information on a digital device. They will come to your house, unexpectedly in an attempt to preserve the information.

For ADHD is imperative that you alert the police that you have ADHD. As you can come across loud or aggressive sometimes without meaning to. They will deem this as threatening behaviour, which allows them to use excessive or additional force.

You must inform the officer even by yelling it out that you have Autism or Asperger. If you are claustrophobic, you must make them aware. If you are not used to being locked up in a room, you must make them aware. They will be obligated to check on you. Remember they are not intending to KILL you. However their detainment methods it’s not one size fits all.

They are used to people faking, lying remember they deal with harsh criminals on a daily basis. Having a medical document that you are on the spectrum will help.

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